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Featured SCP!

SCP-5710: The Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis

SCP-5710 is a Schnitger pipe organ used by Johann Sebastian Bach before being transported by German immigrants from Pomerania to the United States.

Featured Tale/Format!

Procedure 420-Perinaldo

My grandpa dodged Vietnam with a bari sax.

Topic and Prompt of the month!

Last Month's Pieces and Topic

Donatello's Sculpting Tools, Circa 1409 and the Medicea Accademia Dell'Arte Occulta

Topic + pick of this month!

Australian Rules Drag Racing and the Speed Demon series

The first rule of witches: they're all bitches.

The second rule of witches: mix 'em with the Third Law canon and they make for a killer tale series.

Speed Demon chronicles the exploits of Rookie, a veritable disaster of a woman who commits flagrant, drug-fueled acts of chaos as part of the two-person Chicago Specter. Originally a demonology nerd from a world without a veil, Rookie's college girlfriend introduces her to the wonderful world of unlicensed witchcraft. Of course, they proceed to have a nasty break-up that causes Rookie to flee to another universe, but ce la vie.

That's only the start, of course. What follows is a high-octane story of revenge, violence, and vehicular pursuits.

Fasten your seatbelts.

This month's challenge:

  • For writers: Two words: car chase.
  • For artists: See writing prompt.

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