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MaboztMabozt. per the Ideas Critique forum guidelines found here:

Please don't just link or excerpt a sandbox draft. Give us a quick explanation of the concept. We don't need to see all the complicated details that would be present in a draft; we're helping out with the core idea. Link a sandbox only if a reviewer asks.

You may have difficulty finding a reviewer for your concept if you present it this way in the forums. Please take a moment to edit your post to contain a brief (about 500 words maximum) pitch of your concept and the primary points of the article.

Alternatively, if you would rather seek draft critique without going through the greenlight process, you may use the IRC Chatroom #thecritters. You do not need two greenlights to do this, but you do need two greenlights to use the Drafts Critique forums.

SCP Greenlight - The Void Door by MaboztMabozt, 20 Feb 2020 08:55

I'm not really sure about this. There are already a lot of shape shifting scp's on the site and at this point has become a generic monster. Your version of a shape shifter is indeed different but generally food is just food. Almost anything can eat food so I'm not really sure how 'it' knows what animal is for the specified food. Humans can eat apples, but so does pigs, ants, and microbes. In a realistic perspective, this idea is very complicated. In fictional point, it could work but still complicated.

Re: Shape-Shifting Creature by F15H35F15H35, 20 Feb 2020 08:40

Yeah, you're right. Many parts I've included are over the top. Do you think that if I'd tone it down, the idea would be interesting to follow?
For example I could exclude that he's being used. He just leaves and agrees on the terms to stay quiet. Since his patent to the cloning machine would be sold to the foundation and since he would be kind of forgotten by media and used to do the things he did at the foundation he continues his research.
But the wrath of what he had to live through during the breach follows him so he doesn't like to be seen. He just hides. The rest the same, excluding the chaos Insurgency and "I shall destroy you, heartless corporations! >:(", of course.
The anomaly isn't that typical, because it's created. The foundation doesn't yet know what exactly causes this anomalous book to be that way. It's just a self-defense mechanism inserted by Revison, but since he worked with the scps most of his life he decided to make it his anomaly, because it fascinated him that much.

Activated by PM, will be back with feedback.

So, the idea abt several individuals who've literally become 055 themselves and hence can't even remember their perceptions of themselves forming their own group to re-integrate into society is pretty cool. I'm guessing the origins of the antimemetic infection are kept wrapped up in mystery? That would be doubly cool.

Perhaps you could provide a brief sequence of stuff you would have in the article after the ConProcs and the description? What would all this be building up to? The fact where a new society/group is formed by the infected to remain reminded of their own perception of themselves? Or something else? Or a twist? Perhaps if you could clarify my concern above, I think I would be confident in this idea.

Activated by PM, will be back with feedback.

Interesting, but some concerns that I have.

Y'know, you're the second person I've seen interpreting it as 'her parents are dead'. My personal take was that if her parents were dead, their remains would've appeared. But the N/A implies nothing happened, and so by extension that she has no parents.

…This isn't really a more satisfying ending to the SCP though because it still feels very much like something that doesn't shape the article much.

I think my biggest problem is really that the testing logs just…don't really do anything particularly interesting? I don't find the results particularly funny or cute or weird, so it just kinda, feels hollow.

by cybersqydcybersqyd, 20 Feb 2020 07:51

Noting that given that the author has posted this page: it seems like they were intending to write a tale.

I recently made a custom prompt on AI Dungeon, and when I used it, it resulted in a story based on a reality falling apart.

Here's the prompt in case you'd like to see what wacky stories your run-through might generate:

You are a Level 3 Researcher working for the SCP Foundation, an organization dedicated to the containment of anomalies both safe and dangerous. Several of the anomalies have breached containment and are currently wreaking havoc on the world. More than half the population of humanity has decreased within the few hours that the anomalies were breached.

The results of many things in the story generated are through user-input "commands", which I also end up using as part of the story.

I personally found the story generated interesting, moreso once I added things that only a human could (structure, meaning, and sense).

I'd like feedback on the idea before I share the generated story as a draft, and I figured this was the obvious place.

Title edited because uncollapsed zalgo text is not allowed on the forums. Also, as a courtesy to reviewers, please properly space your paragraphs. ~Zyn

Ah, oops. -Akii

AI Generated Story by AkisephilaAkisephila, 20 Feb 2020 07:32

The link "Kapitano's version (forum, 2016)" under links to past lists seems to lead to the wrong forum post.

by spicaterriblespicaterrible, 20 Feb 2020 07:31

Author, per the Draft Forum's new policy: authors who have not yet posted a successful mainsite article are now required to get their basic concept(s) greenlighted by two experienced reviewers in the Ideas Critique forum and/or IRC chatrooms before asking for feedback on a full draft.

Please first go to the Ideas forum or the chat, give a quick summary of the concept you want to write up (don't link the draft unless someone requests it), and reviewers can help you ensure that the premise is something that will be successful with the community audience.

During the conceptualization stage, reviewers can also assist with letting you know if something similar already exists on the site, and inform you about any cliches/pitfalls/other typical downvote reasons to be careful of with your particular idea. These elements are more effectively addressed earlier on in the writing process.

If you have already received the requisite greenlights, please note from whom and where you received them. If you would like to receive draft critique without going through the greenlighting process, please use the IRC chatrooms to request reviews.

This could not possibly be less necessary but, you, uh…

You do you, buddy.

Mod Post- Open by ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 20 Feb 2020 07:21

Moved to Media Discussion, since that's where we put threads discussing dreams.

Admin Post - Info - Open by ZynZyn, 20 Feb 2020 07:20

Moved to Fan Work.

Admin Post - Info - Open by ZynZyn, 20 Feb 2020 07:19

Hey there. I'm Akisephila. You can call me Akii, Hoodie Girl, or my real name, Addie. People think it's short for Adeline. It's actually just derived from the snake species "Death Adder". I'm 18, autistic, and I run two webcomics, one of which is loosely based on the SCP Universe, but if the Foundation was on a very tight budget.
I enjoy drawing, although lately I have been playing a lot of Modded Minecraft, Modded Terraria, and Roblox. I don't care that it's a "children's game", some of the content is genuinely enjoyable (when made by competent people).
Don't ask me to go into detail about the things I enjoy, because I'll most likely rant on and on about them.

Speaking of technology, I think I'll end this introduction here before all the typing crashes my poor LG phone (Android OS).

ZynZyn 20 Feb 2020 07:11
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-5333

that it had transformed into a fish, and that's why they never found it

Totally understandable! The fish does have a nifty new deity hat after all.

it's just been there ever since was pretty dang funny.

Glad you think so! Thanks for the nice comment! :)

by ZynZyn, 20 Feb 2020 07:11

On the initial landing page: "Full understanding of SCP-4485 is required by all foundation employees." Shouldn't Foundation be capitalized?

by spicaterriblespicaterrible, 20 Feb 2020 07:08

Noting that a recent series of edits was reverted, as the editor was not the original author of the entry in question. (As far as could be determined.) Major edits to other contributors' entries may only be made with permission from the original author or staff.

Admin Post - Info - Open by ZynZyn, 20 Feb 2020 07:07
AnitarAnitar 20 Feb 2020 07:05
in discussion Per Page Discussions / Per page discussions » SCP-5005

I don't have anything to say that people haven't already said, but I'm going to say it anyway. The location is stellar. The worldbuilding (worldsbuilding, really) is stellar. That poem… I've already saved a personal copy of it. No objections of any kind to this work.

by AnitarAnitar, 20 Feb 2020 07:05
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