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29. UIU File: 2017-003 [Unusual Incidents Unit] by weizhong

  • Additionally, at the time of this document’s emergence from SCP-1437, all four Kant detectors located around the anomaly failed simultaneously.

28. The Sacred Djehuti [Serpent's Hand] by Lt Flops and Ayers


27. Critter Profile: Wobbles! [Wilson's Wildlife Solutions] by DrAnnoyingDog and Uncle Nicolini

  • IMPORTANT: This Critter Profile is Super Secret!

26. SPC-2922 [Shark Punching Center] by stormbreath

  • TEETH-FILLED VOID is a desert within Corbenic that is perpetually night.

25. A New Age of Magic [Serpent's Hand] by Modern_Erasmus

  • You don't approach it, it will approach you. If you're wondering how to approach the blue-blessed, that's a different story.

24. 'Hypnotraline' (TR7K2/2UD9X/53GN8) [Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.] by Veiedhimaedhr

  • When Immortality just becomes too exhausting, and the dirt looks so welcoming, Marshall, Carter and Dark will be there to help.

23. LTE-2712-Bosch [Global Occult Coalition] by shaggydredlocks

  • A series of teeth (40 confirmed instances) which appeared spontaneously in and above the Arctic Ocean on 04/08/2███.

22. Project Proposal 1994-357: "A Still Life" [Are We Cool Yet?] by Toa_Vine

  • I don't care what you derive from it. Take a person, and have her live in a house where she doesn't continue to age.

21. Critter Profile: Ringo! [Wilson's Wildlife Solutions] by HotColes

  • Laura suggested that we delete this file, but I decided that it was better to keep it as a reference. This is history for us, after all.

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